Let your little one get a head start on his or her Project Runway dreams!

This do-it-yourself 100% Organic T-shirt design kit includes handmade peel-and-stick appliqués of animals and animal shapes that give kids an opportunity to develop their own couture and style. A fun project for children and the perfect activity for playdates, kids’ parties, rainy days, and stay-at-home Moms and Dads with toddlers.

How to DIY your shirt

Step 1: Play !
Play with it, arrange it, and be creative!
Step 2: Stick !
Peel off the paper backing and place onto the tee-shirt. Repeat on reverse.
Using the back of a spoon will help provide extra pressure if needed.
Step 3: Dry !
Tumble dry (low) for 15 minutes, remove from the dryer and rub the front and
back of the appliqués with firm pressure for the strongest bond.
Step 4: Wear !
Let your special crafty & artsy ones show off their own unique creations!